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C# Jobs for the JobScheduler's internal API

Submitted by sos-admin on Fri, 06/08/2012 - 12:08
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Jun 08 2012 12:08

Create jobs and pre/postprocessors using C# via the JobScheduler's internal API and its native COM interface.

We have updated the documentation for the JobScheduler's COM interface to the JobScheduler's API. This interface is significant because it allows the JobScheduler to run jobs written in several languages, including C#. The C# language is, in turn, important because it allows easy access to the powerful Microsoft .NET program libraries and thereby simplifies the development of complex job scheduling tasks in a .NET environment.

The COM interface allows the full power of the JobScheduler’s internal API and all internal JobScheduler objects to be accessed by C# jobs. This means, for example, that the full JobScheduler error handling and job and order generation features can now be accessed in C#.

The COM interface can be used for C# jobs on all operating systems with .NET4 or newer and all versions of the JobScheduler – no additional components are required.

Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or newer.

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