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1.8 Release of JobScheduler and JADE now available

Submitted by sos-admin on Fri, 01/23/2015 - 19:29
News Date and Time
Jan 23 2015 19:29

The 1.8.0 releases of JobScheduler and JADE are now available for download from SourceForge and our web site. (The links are at the foot of this article.)

This release is focused on four themes:
- bringing cluster operation up to a similar functional level as workload instances;
- implementation of a new system monitor interface;
- improved agent support;
- improved reliability.

In cluster operation the most important improvement is that a Master JobScheduler can now switch between a number of Agents should one become unavailable.

The new system monitor interface allows integration with system monitors and provides notification with a broad range of information including job errors and job recovery.

Note that with this release we are starting to announce feature deprecation in our release notes, if applicable. To find out more about what this involves please read our Feature Deprecation Policy.

A full list of the new features, bug-fixes and deprecated features can be found on our detailed Release Notes for 1.8.

Please refer to our How long will you support the different versions of JobScheduler and JADE? article for detailed information about product maintenance and version support.

Download JobScheduler:
- SourceForge
- SOS Berlin

Download JADE:
- SourceForge
- SOS Berlin