Open Source Workload Automation and Managed File Transfer

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Open Source Workload Automation and Managed File Transfer

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Workload Automation and Managed File Transfer

Our automation solutions provide you with the flexibility, security and cost benefits required by modern business. With our products you will benefit from the advantages of open source and obtain more freedom when making your choice for the best product.

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Do you need to automate your applications and transfer files?

Are you in the middle of a project and now something is needed to tie it all together? Are you looking for automated cross-platform scheduling? 


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Are you using Cron and have now outgrown the possibilities it offers?

For basic scheduling tasks Cron is a perfect tool, but are your tasks getting more sophisticated? Is the effort for managing Cron squeezing your operations team?

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Are you migrating your legacy job scheduler?

Do you rely on a legacy job scheduler that is tightly interwoven with your automation workflows and applications? It is all working fine, but the costs are killing you?

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New JobScheduler Agent:
platform independence and zero configuration

A real Game Changer: the new Java Based Agent is here and this will be exciting news for everyone working with JobScheduler. At this stage it is an early technical preview with an expected final release as near as the 3rd quarter 2015.  

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Workload Automation

JobScheduler automates and integrates business processes & workflows, and provides solutions for complex scheduling scenarios.

JobScheduler Product Information
JobScheduler Technical Information
JobScheduler on SourceForge
JobScheduler on SourceForge
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Managed File Transfer

JADE is a product for the automation of complex file transfer tasks. It can be used on its own or fully integrated with JobScheduler.

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JADE on SourceForge
JADE on SourceForge
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