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JobScheduler Tutorials

Tutorials in the Product Knowledge Base

Videos on YouTube

Training videos are available from our YouTube Channel

JOE - JobScheduler Job Editor

The following videos explain how to use the JobScheduler Object Editor.

Job Chains

Creating a job chain with JobScheduler

Parallel jobs with JobScheduler

​Creating synchronous and asynchronous jobs running in parallel on JobScheduler.


The following videos deal with creating and using your own job templates based on the JITL JobScheduler Integrated Template Library.

Job Templates to create an SSH job

This video shows how to create an SSH job running in JobScheduler using the SOS job template.

Creating your own Job Templates

The video shows how to create your own job templates with JobScheduler.

Using your own JobTemplate

The video shows how to use your own job templates with the job wizard in JOE to create jobs for the JobScheduler​.