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The JobScheduler in a Nutshell

JobScheduler Key Topics

The presentation JobScheduler in a Nutshell (pdf) will give you an overview on the most important JobScheduler topics. Find some excerpts below.

Architecture: Components

JobScheduler components consist of JobScheduler Master (manage configuration, orchestrate Agents), JobScheduler Universal Agent (execute jobs on any machine in the network) and the user interface JOC Cockpit (monitoring and control in near real-time).

YADE Use Cases: Server-to-Server Transfer

Architecture: Platforms

The JobScheduler Master, JOC Cockpit and Web Service is available for Windows and Linux platforms.
The JobScheduler Universal Agent can be operated on Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS
and any platform that supports a Java Virtual Machine.

YADE Use Cases: Server-to-Server Transfer

Features: JOC Cockpit

JOC Cockpit, the JobScheduler Operations Center GUI for browsers brings a completely new user experience - it features highlights such as security, responsive design and near real-time information. Find a full list of Features.

YADE Use Cases: Server-to-Server Transfer