Usage for Open Source Users and Commercial License Holders

SOS provides JobScheduler with an Open Source license that covers usage for the Windows and Linux platforms. The JobScheduler Universal Agent is available with a Commercial License for enterprise customers who require more platforms to be supported and more advanced features.

Comparison Matrix

This page is intended to help you to understand the possible usage of the JobScheduler Master and the JobScheduler Universal Agent.


Users with Open Source License

Commercial License Holders

Limited assistance is available from community resources, see comparison of support resources
Customers have access to
JobScheduler Master available for Windows and Linux
JobScheduler Master available for Windows and Linux
JobScheduler Universal Agent not available
The JobScheduler Universal Agent is platform independent and can be operated on any platform that provides a Java Virtual Machine including AIX, Solaris, HP-UX etc.
Each JobScheduler Master requires an individual configuration and database connection
Zero configuration and easy deployment, the installation for large clusters of servers is quick and effortless
Central Operation
Jobs can be configured centrally on a JobScheduler Master for execution on remote instances. Each Master instance is managed by its individual JOC GUI.
Hundreds of Agents are controlled by a single JobScheduler Master
Job Execution
Run shell jobs on remote JobScheduler Master instances, see How to execute Jobs and Orders from Remote JobScheduler Instances
Run shell jobs with the JobScheduler Universal Agent
Run JITL Jobs on remote JobScheduler Master instances
Run JITL Jobs with the JobScheduler Universal Agent 
  Perform Agentless Scheduling with SSH Perform Agentless Scheduling with SSH
File Watching
File Watching has to be configured for each JobScheduler Master individually
Remote File Watching and triggering of job starts with the Agent. All configuration items for file watching are centrally configured with one JobScheduler Master
Communication and Security
Firewall ports have to be opened for communication between JobScheduler Master instances, see Remote Execution
Only one HTTP connection between Master and Agent is required. Secure HTTPS communication is provided.
License Modes Restricted mode: uses the default freeware license, which is included with every download of the Universal Agent. In restricted mode the Agent will only run one task at a time.

Unlimited mode: requires that users have purchased a Commercial License. Commercial licenses allow an unlimited number of tasks to be run simultaneously.

Trial license keys for the JobScheduler Universal Agent can be obtained by mailing to: