JobScheduler, JOC Cockpit & YADE Version 1.11.4 released

We are pleased to announce the 1.11.4 release of the JobScheduler, JOC Cockpit and YADE

This maintenance release brings a number of fixes and several new features to JobScheduler, the JOC Cockpit and YADE.


  • Running jobs as a different user
    • The Universal Agent can now switch user accounts on Windows Systems, with authentication information being stored with the Windows Credential Manager. This solution provides a secure and compliant implementation that does not require the main Agent process to be run as root.
  • JOC Cockpit Permissions Editor
    • Several improvements have been implemented - in particular to the usability of the Graphical Permissions Editor.
  • JOC Cockpit Daily Plan
    • A number of minor improvements and further optimization of performance have been implemented.


  • JITL-368: The JOC Cockpit now works correctly with Oracle 12c

See the Release Notes for a detailed list of the features and bug-fixes.


Please also take note of our Change Management information.

Download the JobScheduler and JOC Cockpit:

Download YADE: