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New JOC Cockpit, JobScheduler Master & YADE 1.11.0 released

The General Availability release 1.11.0 for the new JOC Cockpit, the JobScheduler Master, the JobScheduler Universal Agent and YADE is here bringing a new quality to enterprise Open Source workload automation. This major step brings the JOC Cockpit as a modern operating interface for the new JobScheduler Web Services along with LDAP-compatible authentication and authorization.

JOC Cockpit Final Release Candidate Available

Final Release Candidate

We are pleased to announce the final release candidate (RC4) of the completely new JobScheduler Operations Center Cockpit. A big "thank you" to our community and customers who were involved in acceptance testing and proposing usability improvements.

RC4 brings improvements in performance and stability and includes a number of fixes for issues that have been reported by our community and customers.