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Here we have a collection of questions frequently asked by users.

Note that you may also find the following useful:

  • our bilingual FAQs (German and English)
  • our HowTos (only in English) which describe ready-to-run configuration examples that can be downloaded and deployed in hot folders

If you don't find the information you're looking for on one of these sources you can also look in our OpenSource users' forum on SourceForge. tx.


Getting Started

Feature List

Use Cases

Trouble Shooting

Different Topics

Configuration Issues

Parameter Issues

Sobald das Feature freigegeben ist, kann das hier entkommentiert werden

Mail issues

Database issues

Scheduling Issues

JobScheduler Operations Center (JOC)

JobScheduler Architecture

JITL - JobScheduler Integrated Template Library Jobs

Template Jobs (former called "Standard Jobs") are "ready-made-jobs" which can used with a simple parameter-setup only.

A general overview of "JITL" can be found here: JITL.

See also:

Shell jobs: starting scripts

Java jobs

Javascript Jobs

Error handling

The Microsoft Windows PowerShell: starting scripts

JobScheduler Object Editor (JOE)

JobScheduler Information Dashboard (JID)

File- and Directory-Watching

JobScheduler Managed Jobs (JMJ)

NMS (Network Monitor Systems/Windows Event Log)

Audit trail

Controlling Job Scheduler by other Applications

How to syncronize jobs

Trigger Jobs using Eventing

Remote Scheduling

File transfer with JobScheduler

Using the JobScheduler internal API

Performance issues

Integration and Migration

Best Practice

Developer Issues

JobScheduler Development

JobScheduler Programming

Technical Issues and Restrictions

Localisation and Translation

Tools used


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