Open Source Workload Automation and Managed File Transfer

SOS GmbH is a pioneer of open source scheduling solutions and has been committed to open source since 2005.


Open Source Workload Automation and Managed File Transfer

Platform IndependenceHigh AvailabilityCentral ConfigurationComplex WorkflowsFile TransferJOC CockpitOpen Source BenefitsFlexible License Models

Platform independent Agents

  • Platform independent Agents with zero configuration and effortless deployment

  • True multi-platform remote scheduling for Windows®, Linux®, Solaris®, AIX®, HP-UX®, etc.

High Availability

  • Redundancy and Resilience provide high availability for your scheduling environment

  • Clustering for Master and Agent includes active/active and active/passive clusters with fail-over

  • Robustness provided by reconciliation and automatic recovery after connection loss

Central Configuration

  • JobScheduler Supervisor as central point of configuration for a number of Masters

  • JobScheduler Master configuring and controlling a number of Agents

  • JobScheduler Agents operated with zero configuration

Complex Workflows

  • Complex workflows and job dependencies for advanced business requirements

  • Cross-platform workflows allow dependencies across operating systems

  • Flexible error handling for failed jobs

File Transfer

  • File transfer with FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, HTTP, SMB, etc.

  • Transactional transfer, file renaming, pre- and post-processing

  • Integration with JobScheduler for automated file transfer in complex workflows​

JOC Cockpit: Modern User Interface

Provides unique features and a completely new user experience:

  • Responsive design: use the JOC Cockpit in your browser or tablet

  • Near real-time information: important status changes are automatically reported without need for a refresh button

  • Central operation: manage all JobScheduler activities from
    one dashboard

Open Source Benefits

Open Source benefits include a choice for our users and customers:

  • Open Source licensing with access to publicly available resources

  • Commercial licensing with direct access to professional support and services

Flexible License Models

  • Perpetual licenses for long term, high volume job execution

  • Subscription licenses for shorter commitment and low entry cost

  • Pay-per-use licenses based on the number of job executions with any number of Agents

Scheduling as a Service

Are you interested in Application Management Services for your company? For small and midsize companies, we offer scheduling as a service: Fast, Easy & Reliable. You can choose supplementary service, or full service optionally in the Cloud. Different service levels are offered to fit the scheduling needs of your company. This service requires no scheduling knowledge on your part. For more information, send an  e-mail to request information for Scheduling as a Service.


Open Source Products for your Company

test-bullet-2.jpgHave you outgrown the possibilities Cron offers?

Is the effort of managing Cron demanding too much time from your operations team?
Find out more about our solutions for Cron users.

test-bullet-2.jpgAre you planning to migrate your legacy job scheduler?

Do you rely on a legacy job scheduler that is tightly interwoven with your automation workflows and applications? Get all relevant functionalities at a fraction of the cost. Find out how JobScheduler compares to other schedulers.

test-bullet-2.jpgDo you need to automate your applications and file transfers?

Are you in the middle of a project and now need something to tie it all together? Are you looking for automated cross-platform scheduling? Find out more about application automation and cross-platform file transfer with the JobScheduler.


JobScheduler and YADE

SOS GmbH offers two open source products: JobScheduler for Workload Automation and YADE® Managed File Transfer. Users in more than 100 countries rely on our products and professional services for their companies.

Workload Automation

Managed File Transfer

JobScheduler automates and integrates business processes & workflows, and provides solutions for complex scheduling scenarios.

JobScheduler Product Information
JobScheduler Technical Information
JobScheduler Change Management
JobScheduler on SourceForge
JobScheduler on SourceForge
Download JobScheduler from SourceForge

YADE is a product for the automation of complex file transfer tasks. It can be used on its own or fully integrated with JobScheduler.

YADE Product Information
YADE Technical Information
YADE Change Management
YADE on SourceForge
YADE on SourceForge
Download YADE from SourceForge